New Tex publications in the Netherlands end of 2013! 


After many years of silence it was on May 18th 2013 that the small editing house named HUM! announced that they will start to publish Tex adventures in the Dutch language again...

End of 2013 (or early 2014) the Colin Wilson Albo Speciale "the last rebel" will be translated into Dutch. Two albums in this series are planned for the time being. If there is enough support for these books HUM! also thinks about publishing the good-old pocket books again. In that case they will start with #130 as the original Dutch series was halted at #129. 

Are you interested in these Dutch publications? Then simply send a short e-mail to the address below to express your interest. The number of albums that will be printed shall be low - so in that case they could be sold out pretty soon.


for more information on HUM! check www.uitgeverijhum.nl (sorry, Dutch only)